HR Auditor for Microsoft Lync® is a search and eDiscovery tool that allows you to search, view and export Lync® IM conversations within your existing archive database. Key features include:

  • Perform basic and advanced searches based on keywords, dates, and users
  • Export conversations to .pdf, .csv, or .txt files
  • Installs 'on premise' in less than 30 minutes
  • Supports Lync® online in a single-tenant environment only

Our objective was to build a product that would install seamlessly in less than 30 minutes, allow authorized users to view Lync® IM conversations with advanced search functionality, and provide a modern UI with rich features and charts. Key benefits include:

  • Cost effective application for Microsoft Lync® eDiscovery and compliance requests
  • Designed to enable non-technical users to perform eDiscovery requests
  • Streamlined installation process honors time restraints on IT professionals

Watch our 2½ minute video to see our cost effective search and eDiscovery tool for Microsoft Lync® in action.

Basic Search

Basic search provides a quick overview of message usage, and the ability to quickly audit messages in specific date ranges. You can focus on specific keywords or users.

Data visualizations provide a quick insight into the usage of your chat environment. Date charts can show usage trends and aid in exploration. Charts are drill down enabled, and allow you to explore your chat history down to the hour.

Advanced Search

Advanced search allows you to perform complex queries to find conversations that meet precise criteria. Select multiple dates, users or keywords, and define whether they should be included or excluded from the results.

Message Display

Messages are displayed by date, from oldest to newest. Search results are displayed with the date of the conversation, time, and users. Clicking on the listing will instantly display the message content. Message content is displayed on the same screen – no additional pop-up windows or tabs to manage. Message details display the chat participants, start and end times, chat duration, and message content. User IDs are color-coded for easy viewing.


Easily export chat conversations with a few simple clicks. HR Auditor allows you to export a single chat, or all the chats from an entire search.


The reporting tab provides you with quick insights to top usage statistics within your Lync® environment. Find Top 10 usage reports for last week, last month, the last 6 months, or the last year.


HR Auditor is an on-premise application that can be installed on Windows Server 2008 R2 or later. Install is typically completed within 30 minutes.

Restricted Mode

HR Auditor features a manager mode, which allows you to restrict an auditor's searches to a specific Active Directory group. Auditors restricted to this group will be able to see all conversations employees within the group are having, even if they are conversing with users in a different group. Managers retain all the search and export functionality, but will be limited to their specified group.